Open Parallel and the SKA radio telescope Pre-construction Phase

October 2013 – 

Open Parallel specialises in multicore and parallel computing and our vision is to consolidate a global hub in New Zealand and Australia about entrepreneurship based in multicore technologies.

Our work with SKA -the ultimate big-data project, is the leading example: Open Parallel is the work package manager for the Software Development Environment work package with the CSP (Central Signal Processor) Canadian consortium -and also for Common Software with Science Data Processor (SDP) Cambridge-led consortium

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To support the vision -and with an economic development agenda, every year we organise Multicore World conferences in New Zealand to create a convergence between industry, academia, science and engineer/developer communities where we build strategic partnerships and learn from each other. Check testimonials


For our 3rd edition -and with the formal sponsorship from the SKA Organisation and AUT university, we extend the conference with a workshop Computing for SKA

We would like to invite you to participate at Multicore World and Computing for SKA in Auckland.

Dates are 25-26 February for Multicore World and 27-28 February for Computing for SKA. Confirmed speakers list is here and you can register here.

In this third edition we are aiming to “bridge” the technical & scientific side with enterprise & applications. We have a strong industry presence and the Australasian SKA Industry Consortium (ASKAIC) will held its meeting along Multicore World

Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconference 2011


We help you to take advantage of Multicore

  • Open Parallel is a global team of specialists with deep experience with parallel programming, multicore technology and software system architecture
  • In a world of rigid pre-defined roles, Open Parallel’s innovative management for breakthrough projects contributes the framework that drives technology to produce business results today.
  • Our access to talent, a strong technical team driving change, and the flexibility to deliver innovative solutions are the main reasons why customers choose Open Parallel as a technology and business partner.
  • They see Open Parallel as the natural destination when they need exceptional talent to explore, develop, and test novel ideas and proposals.
  • Think of Open Parallel as an extension of your Engineering and R&D departments.
  • When every organisation today is a software company, you need to be able to deliver the best solutions to your clients, faster than your competitors, with the highest standards.
  • We offer rapid research and development for your immediate needs and most radical projects, seamlessly integrated with your main development efforts.