Computing for SKA 2014 – Workshop collocated with III Multicore World

27th / 28th February 2014 – Auckland – AUT University

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Open Parallel manages the Software Development Environment (SDE) work package for the CSP and participates at Common Software work package for the SDP

Open Parallel is seeking funding to support these contributions to SKA.

Support letter from CSP Consortium Lead System Engineer (Canada) – 22 November 2013

Article about Open Parallel and SKA – New Zealand Herald – Monday 17th, January 2014 – Here



Open Parallel is member of the NZSKAIC (New Zealand Square Kilometre Array Industry Consortium) and is building capabilities in multicore software adapted for SKA requirements. Check Middleware for SKA and other SKA related pages here


NEW! – Comments from reviewers about NZ SKA Expression of Interest – 23 January 2013

Open Parallel (Science Data Processor)

Peer Reviewer A: 7, 7, 6 (20)
Significant opportunities, through potential linkage with MWA program and Australia’s own involvement in the SDP program. Open Parallel have identified an important strategic niche in the SDP package. Working with an active astronomy group (and VUW would add further expertise here) is likely to yield an innovative solution.

Peer Reviewer B: 7, 6, 7 (20)
Linkage exists with CSIRO for planning and with SDP consortium members for WBS planning. SDP is a high priority for Australia and I am sure ICRAR will form a good relationship with OP through the SDP collective work. Parallel and distributed computing will be a key element of the SKA systems design for SDP and most likely CSP. Having a company skilled and experienced in development and scaletesting of these systems will be extremely useful. Furthermore, Open Parallel staff have effectively contributed to the SDP work during the overall definition of the WBS.


Prof Brian Boyle (SKA Project Director, DIISRTE)

Prof Peter Quinn (Director, ICRAR)


  • Relevance of the proposed activity to the SKA project Pre-construction Phase (0 = Zero relevance, 7 = entirely relevant)
  • Capability of the submitter to deliver against the technical requirements of specified work packages (0 = Zero capability, 7 = excellent capability)
  • Consistency of the proposed activity with ANZSCC strategic direction (0 = Zero consistency, 7 = entirely consistent)


Open Parallel also participates at NZ SKA Open Consortium (Science Data Processor)

Reviewers highlighted in their proposal that: “The technical ability to deliver is significantly enhanced by the presence of industry partner Open Parallel”


In September 2011, Open Parallel participated at the SKA Rutherford Innovation Showcase. Wellington, NZ.

Presentation (Multicore Computing and Open Innovation developments in New Zealand)

Workshop (Software Development, Open Innovation, Investment)

In March 2012, the 1st Multicore World conference -organised by Open Parallel, had several SKA presentations. Two of them were

Details of the project will be available in this page