From Ariel Hendel (Facebook, formerly Sun Microsystems)

“In a world of rigid pre-defined roles, Nicolás is a unique entrepreneur, flexible and creative. I had the opportunity of using Nicolás’ team talents and services in the area of algorithmic research, programming, and productization.”


From James Reinders (Intel)

My hat’s off to Sam and Lenz for their work so far…” (re TBB available on CPAN as a library)

“…(Open Parallel) made slight modifications to WordPress, to use a TBB-enabled HipHop they created – and they had VERY impressive results.”

“New Zealand could be a hub of expertise for parallel computing – “the future of computing” – says James Reinders, software director at chip maker Intel” (Dominion Post)


From Yatin Gajjar (Oracle – Sun)

“Nicolás has a unique blend of business and academic skills which are very hard to find. His willingness to drive technology to produce business results is the mark of a true CEO. Being able to build a team from the University arena he was able to demonstrate excellent value proposition at a reasonable cost… has talented engineers which have delivered excellent results on schedule.”


From John Goodacre (ARM)

“(New Zealand):… a lovely country and despite its small population, I found it to hold a surprisingly international feel and active technical community“.


From Professor Martin Purvis (The University of Otago)

“I have been continually impressed by (Nicolás) innovative activities in the technical sector. Beginning in 2005, (he) launched a new software startup company…(and) soon was engaged in state-of-the-art contractual work for Sun Microsystems in networking and multicore server optimization technical areas that would not normally have been thought to be areas of expertise for New Zealand companies.”

“Due in large part to Nicolás’ activities and initiatives, the University of Otago eventually came to be officially named as a Sun Microsystems Centre of Excellence, the first such designation for a university outside of the United States. Nicolás played a major role in the establishment of that centre”.

Prof. Purvis testimonial (pdf)


From Murray Milner (Milner Consulting)

“Nicolás is an innovative entrepreneur, with a strong focus on the exploitation of high technology business opportunities. He is highly focussed on the market opportunities, building relationships to leverage in his business and driving performance through the business.”


From Paul Frater (Director, Enterprise and Innovation, NZTE)

“…(the company) is opening an exciting new dimension of IT technology for New Zealand, with flow on benefits for the wider IT community in New Zealand.”

NZTE Paul Frater Recommendation (PDF)