Open Parallel partners with companies and universities in an ecosystem for entrepreneurship based on parallel programming and multicore technologies.


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Intel Software Partner Program

  • James Reinders (Director, Chief Evangelist of Intel Software). Interviewed by the Dominion Post during his second visit to Wellington: “New Zealand could be a hub of expertise for parallel computing – “the future of computing”. 26 September 2011
  • James Reinders posts at Intel about Open Parallel

– 4 May 2011 “Parallel PHP (HipHop) using TBB, Kiwi Style

– 10 May 2011 “CPAN tbb.pod: Parallel Perl using TBB, Kiwi Style

Catalyst IT

  • Open Parallel’s development capabilities are strengthened by a formal agreement to work on different projects (including SKA) with Catalyst IT, the leading Open Source Consultancy in Australasia.
  • With over nineteen years in continuous, debt-free operation, 250 full time staff and offices in three key countries (New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom), Catalyst IT is fully capable of providing strong technology support to Open Parallel and its projects, as well as ongoing expertise in a wide array of open source software platforms and capabilities that will likely be essential for the infrastructural and operational functionalities of the SKA project.
  • Catalyst IT already provides key operational software to a number of government agencies, both in New Zealand and overseas including the .NZ domain registry system, the national voter registration system and the DamWatch seismic monitoring system.
  • Open Parallel’s relation with Catalyst IT goes back to 2005. Catalyst IT is also a key sponsor of Multicore World 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

    Catalyst IT

Fx2 Software Factory

  • Open Parallel is supported by Fx2 to develop, maintain and support corporate software.
  • Fx2 is a company dedicated to software development, working with the latest technologies, developing products and services characterized by creativity and innovation. Its customers are organisations in United States and Latin America, ranging from major international banks to high-tech Silicon Valley start-ups
  • The company has global strategic partners in research solutions, marketing and ad-hoc studies for different media.
  • Fx2 solutions are bespoke and add unique value to client’s business in a significant way, making them more competitive and thus obtaining a differential in each of their markets.
  • Fx2 integrates different technologies; interactive media, mobile, portals and corporate software.


Orion Health
  • Orion Health is New Zealand’s largest privately owned software exporter and a global leader in eHealth technology.
  • Founded in 1993, by CEO Ian McCrae, Orion Health has grown from a specialist health integration vendor into a company that sells a comprehensive suite of eHealth solutions.
  • Orion Health has extensive experience in the design and installation of complex systems within demanding healthcare environments. With an inherent ability to interconnect the wide variety of information systems found in health, Orion Health has risen to be considered a global leader in its industry.
  • Today, Orion Health products and solutions are currently implemented in more than 30 countries, used by hundreds of thousands of clinicians, and help facilitate care for tens of millions of patients.
  • In 2013, Fx2Erdödy Consultancy Ltd / Open Parallel and Orion Health are participating in consortium in the tender process for the project a complete eHealth system for Uruguay

Orion Health