Open Parallel is a global team of specialists with deep experience with parallel programming, multicore technology, and software system infrastructure. Founded in 2010, our experts have been involved in the area for many years and our global networks within the development, academic and research communities give us access to optimal talent for your project or solution. Read Open Parallel in One Page 

We work with our clients at varying levels, depending on project complexity and your in-house expertise. Whether you are wanting to understand the potential benefits of multicore technologies or are looking for a total solution to meet project goals, Open Parallel’s network of specialists and innovative managers is available to help.

Think of us as an extension of your Engineering and R&D departments. We can provide single consultants or entire teams to move your project ahead. We are also involved in international community building as well as software engineering and start ups.

Why Open Parallel?

To take a full advantage of the new, highly parallel hardware model, software must be specially designed and optimized. In such highly parallel environments, unless it is optimized or recast to fit a parallel model, traditional software will perform poorly. This is a permanent change that affects all computing.

Hardware is changing in many dimensions: memory footprints, network speeds, storage latency and capacity, and processor availability are all making rapid advances. Applications are demanding more capacity as social networking and big data requirements are accepted as commonplace. In a world where every organisation today is a software company, you need to be able to deliver the best solutions to your clients, faster than your competitors, with the highest standards. Open Parallel is the natural destination of companies and major corporations that need exceptional talent to explore, develop, and test radical ideas.

Our access to talent, a strong technical team driving change, and the flexibility to deliver innovative solutions are the main reasons why customers choose Open Parallel as a technology and business partner. They realise that Open Parallel’s expertise and track record in multicore and parallel computing will continue to be in demand as massive computing and the web converge.

Open Parallel works with industry leaders, supports many local projects, and provide speakers at seminars and conferences worldwide.

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