16 April 2013

Official recognition note from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)


“Open Parallel and the SKA Pre-Construction Phase”

“The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) administers New Zealand’s engagement in the SKA project and represents New Zealand interests at the SKA Organisation Governing Board and the Australia New Zealand SKA Coordination Committee.”


“In December 2012, MBIE invited New Zealand science and industry groups to register their interest in participating in the Pre-construction Phase of the SKA project. A total of 13 submissions were received, and following a rigorous process involving international peer review and independent evaluation, Open Parallel is one of the three organisations that were identified as viable prospects for engagement in the Science Data Processor and / or Central Signal Processor work packages.

“I would like to congratulate Open Parallel on achieving recognition as a viable prospect for engagement in the SKA Pre-construction Phase. As you are aware, MBIE has established a contestable fund to support the engagement of New Zealand organisations in the Pre-construction Phase, and Open Parallel is able to bid for co-funding…”


“I wish you all the best with your future efforts to engage in the SKA project”

“Yours sincerely”

Siobhan Routledge

Manager, Sector Policy