Partnership arrangements to deliver the specified capability


Catalyst IT

Open Parallel’s bid is strengthened by a formal agreement to work on SKA efforts with Catalyst IT, the leading Open Source Consultancy in Australasia.

With over fifteen years in continuous, debt-free operation, 150 full time staff and offices in three key countries for SKA (NZ, Australia and UK), Catalyst IT is fully capable of providing strong technology support to Open Parallel and the SKA project, as well as ongoing expertise in a wide array of open source software platforms and capabilities that will likely be essential for the infrastructural and operational functionalities of the SKA project.


Catalyst IT already provides key operational software to a number of government agencies, both in NZ and overseas including the .NZ domain registry system, the national voter registration system and the DamWatch seismic monitoring system.

Open Parallel relation with Catalyst IT goes back to 2005. Catalyst IT is key sponsor of Multicore World 2012 and 2013


Intel Software Partner Program


Open Parallel relation with Intel (US) began in January 2010 with the first visit of James Reinders (Director, Chief Evangelist of Intel Software).

Interviewed by the Dominion Post during his 2nd visit to Wellington (26 September 2011) to participate in the SKA Rutherford Innovation showcase, invited again by Open Parallel he expressed: “New Zealand could be a hub of expertise for parallel computing – the future of computing”.


Open Parallel’s relation with Intel continues: in February 2013 Tim Mattson, Principal Engineer and lead researcher in parallelisation will be keynote in Multicore World 2013



GreenButton is an iconic New Zealand company which brings Supercomputing for general use through Cloud Computing. Open Parallel relation with GreenButton goes back to 2008. GreenButton is also a key sponsor of Multicore World 2012 and 2013


NZ SKA Open Consortium – Auckland University of Technology

Open Parallel also is a stakeholder in the NZ SKA Open Consortium which has an EoI for both the CSP and the SDP Work Packages as well as the Telescope manager.


This participation gives Open Parallel direct links with Auckland University of Technology radio astronomy group, for example included Mahmoud S. Mahmoud (AUT) giving a talk at the Multicore World 2012 event.


The NZ SKA Open Consortium is an open collaborative group of approximately 30 academics across 7 departments in 4 Universities and industry partners with various levels of engagement. It aims to ensure that NZ has a strong stake in the SKA, particularly in the computing aspects. We support any industry initiative to grow the capabilities of our NZ computing environment and are strong supporters of student placements and co-supervision on industry projects. The Consortium believes that the expertise provided by Open Parallel would be very beneficial to the SKA project.