• Contracting

Prepare a Statement of Work (SoW) and consider it done.


  • Proof of Concept

Something new? Have doubts? Don’t have available resources to fully test it now?

Just an idea and don’t know how or where to start? Contact us for your Proof of Concept


  • Targeted Technical Evangelism

We build communities around your technology achieving what marketing campaigns won’t.

We push code into repositories, lead and actively participate in forums.

Visit Open Parallel’s GitHub repository.

We present in seminars and conferences worldwide. Check our Industry and Congress participation

We prepare white-papers, case studies and create applications that demonstrate the value and strengths of your platform, product or technology


  • Giving you Time to Market

If your company can reduce the time required to take a new product to market, then you have a strong competitive advantage.

Open Parallel does R&D, Implementation, Testing and Proof of Concept, followed by Case Studies and Applications.

Check examples of our work with different clients (Intel, Sun, ARM) since 2006.

Open Parallel is a specialist business and technology partner that accelerates your entrance to new markets.

We have the capabilities, networks and global partners to provide and manage support, maintenance, training and community building.



  • Corporate Entrepreneurship

Would you like a start-up style new division in your organisation? Are you experiencing high growth and cannot cope nor deliver all the opportunities?

Need collaboration to create a global ecosystem? Contact us -we have done it before for clients like Sun Microsystems and Intel

Do you need a partner to build a dedicated Multicore Practice as an extension of your existing ICT business?

Open Parallel can give you the multicore angle either as a partner or creating your specialised division. Read “steps for a Corporate Multicore Strategy


  • Multicore World

As part of Open Parallel’s Vision for New Zealand and Australia to become a Centre of Excellence in entrepreneurship based in multicore and parallel programming, we organize Multicore World -a yearly global conference about all things multicore: We gather under the same roof scientists, academia, industry, entrepreneurs, engineers, software communities and investors.

We discuss topics at peer-peer level in a gathering of up to 300 people from how multicore is changing everything and allows us to think things that were unachievable before, to the path to exascale computing, being the SKA radio telescope project an exciting example.

Visit this three slides Conference Summary and join attending, presenting or partnering with us to make Multicore World 2013 another memorable conference.