Solving PHP performance and scalability problems in large websites

PHP is a very widely used programming language and every now and then a bigger projects simply outgrow the classic stack PHP is running on.
Performance and scalability problems start to become more and more of a pain to manage and often this is the moment where the platform is either redesigned heavily or rewritten in a different language.

Open Parallel’s solution for large PHP sites: OPHpHp

We take an existing PHP application and port it over to the HipHop engine. The HipHop engine is a PHP to C++ compiler that was developed by Facebook and is used more and more by large sites that run on PHP.

We have existing experience with porting WordPress to the HipHop engine and on top of that have OPHpHp: a customized version of HipHop that can add even more performance gains to your application.

We make heavy use of the TBB library of Intel that is designed to make the best use of multi core CPUs and gives an additional performance boost to a project that is ported by us on our enhanced HipHop version.

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