A compilation of our work since 2006. Confidential and commercially sensitive information are omitted.


  • Software for SKA (2012 – 2013)

Client: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (New Zealand)

Keywords: Science Data Processor, CSIRO, Software libraries for the SKA project, Multithreading and parallelisation

New! – Open Parallel invited by New Zealand Government to apply for co-funding for the SKA project – more (March 2013)


  • Image Processing / Vision Capabilities using OpenCV and Ne10 with Neon libraries on Android (2012)

Client: ARM (United Kingdom).

Keywords: SIMD, Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2), OpenCV, NEON, Ne10 software framework


OpenCV optimisations with Ne10 using auto-vectorisation for the Cortex-A9 

OpenCV & optimisations with Ne10 for Video Stream Processing 


  • Optimization of Web Performance with Threading Building Blocks (TBB) (2011)

Client: INTEL (USA)

Keywords: Scripting languages, lightweights co-routines, geopic.me, PHP, Perl, HipHop, WordPress, threads::tbb

White paper: Optimizing Web Performance with TBB

Presentation at LCA2012 Video


  • Threading Perl using TBB: CPAN module (2011)

Client: INTEL (USA)

Keywords: Threading Building Blocks, threads::tbb, API for Perl 5, parallel_for scalability

CPAN threads::tbb module

White paper: Threading Perl with TBB


  • Multicore and Parallel Programming Strategies (2010 – 2011)

Client: Fx2 – ANII (Uruguay)

Keywords: International markets, Silicon Valley, Markets for new technologies, Strategic growth

  • WordPress on HipHop (2010)

Client: INTEL (USA)

Keywords: Facebook’s HipHop, PHP execution speed, WordPress port to HipHop

White paper: WordPress on HipHop


  • Threading Building Blocks (TBB) in WordPress (2010)

Client: INTEL (USA)

Keywords: TBB comands, PHP functions, parallel_for, HipHop for PHP, memory consumption

White paper: TBB in WordPress

Work before 2010 was delivered by Open Parallel predecessors Erdödy Consultancy and World45

  • Multicore NZ – Multicore Computing Systems Business Case (2008 – 2009)

Clients: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise; University of Otago (New Zealand)

Table of Contents:  Multicore NZ – Business Case – Research Contract


  • Parallel Snort: Or how to get 24× the throughput by using all your CPUs (2008)

Client: Sun Microsystems (USA)

Keywords: Intrusion detection, Parallel Snort, Sun Niagara, Logical Domains

Solution Brief: Parallel Snort: 24x faster


  • Accelerators for Networking Stack (2008)

Client: Sun Microsystems (USA).

Keywords: Sun Unified Network Platform (SUN-P), UltraSPARC, Logical Domains

Solution brief – PDF


  • Scalability and Performance analysis of OpenSimulator (2008)

Client: 3Di (Japan)

Keywords: OpenSim server infrastructure scalability, performance models


  • Sun Microsystems Official Solution Brief – Sun Unified Network Platform (2007)

Client: Sun Microsystems (USA). 

Keywords: SUN-P, Sun UltraSPARC Cool Threads, Hypervisor, Software-only networking solutions, Bare-metal domains

Solution Brief


  • High-Performance Networking with Multi-Core and CMT Systems (2007)

Client: Sun Microsystems (USA)

Keywords: Chip Multi-Threading (CMT), VoIP, Virtualization, Telecommunications, High-speed inter-domain communication, Bare-metal domains

White paper: High Performance Networking with CMT   


  • RDMA Implementation in Teja Performance Profiling and Testing (2007)

Client: Sun Microsystems (USA)

Keywords: TCP/IP implementation, Remote Direct Memory Access, Teja runtime system, Niagara 1, Niagara 2, T1000 & T2000, Intel Dual-Core, AMD Opteron


  • General information on CMT and Multicore Computing (2006)

Keywords: High-throughput offload engines, Custom high-performance network solutions, Generic TCP/IP stack, Specialised RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) protocols, Chip Multi-Threading (CMT)

Solution Brief Multicore Computing – General Information