In a world of rigid pre-defined roles, Open Parallel’s innovative management for breakthrough projects contributes the framework that drives technology to produce business results today.

We offer rapid research and development for your immediate needs and most radical projects, seamlessly integrated with your main development efforts.

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Open Parallel is a global team of specialists with deep experience with parallel programming, multicore technology and software system infrastructure.

Think of us as an extension of your Engineering and R&D departments.

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Some of the projects and clients that we are currently working with:

ARM (UK) – OpenCV

Image Processing / Vision Capabilities using OpenCV and Ne10 with Neon libraries on Android


Presentation – Lighting up OpenCV with Ne10 and NEON (28 January 2013) – Linux Conference Australia (LCA2013)



Several radio astronomy packages make extensive use of a common set of software libraries. For scaling to SKA size problems, these must be adapted for use on parallel computers.

NZTE commissioned Open Parallel to investigate with CSIRO an area where New Zealand can build a multicore community for SKA

Open Parallel is lodging expressions of interest about an international workshop on “Software for SKA” collocated with our global conference Multicore World 2014 in February 2014 in New Zealand. Contact Nicolás Erdödy


Threading Building Blocks – INTEL (USA)

Web Performance Optimization – PHP – HipHop – Perl

Read about our work with INTEL and the white papers that explain Open Parallel’s success on bringing TBB to web application developers working on script languages like PHP and Perl.


Parallel COBOL

Open Parallel is working with researchers from the Computer Science Department of the University of Otago in original approaches to extend COBOL with parallel constructs. Given that more than half of the world businesses run on lines of code written in COBOL -that are operational today, this is a strategic effort that will benefit many organisations. Blog


Cluster filesystems vs. conventional file servers

Lustre, HDFS (Hadoop), Ceph and others are distributed, scalable, high performance parallel filesystems for delivering storage for clusters. Open Parallel is comparing whether conventional file servers can be replaced by cheaper and potentially more reliable and higher performing distributed file systems, achieving significant economies by using hardware already existent in an organisation. Presentation



We started a collaboration with Australian National University Computer Science Department towards hosting IWOMP2013 (International Workshop on OpenMP) for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere



Open Parallel can provide our clients with expertise with migrating legacy multithreaded C++ code bases to C++11-compliant multithreading / multicore (cross-platform). There will be near-future need for companies to take this path to move into utilisation of expanding multicore processing power, particularly in the telecom and banking sectors.



Open Parallel investigated the new language X10 designed by IBM . We presented it at the NZ eResearch Symposium 2011.


There are many other areas and clients that we are working with – not shown here.

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