HipHop and TBB specialists

Do you have a slow PHP site?

Here is how we help you deal with it: optimizing PHP with HipHop!

We are specialists in HipHop and help companies to transition to HipHop

Read about our work with Intel’s TBB in WordPress (White Paper) and WordPress on HipHop (White Paper).

Open Parallel is a consulting company that can help you grow your PHP based application and transition to a HipHop based application stack. We also offer customized HipHop engines that exactly serve your needs, as HipHop can be more than just the standard “off-the-shelf” version that is available online. Our extensive experience in both, the HipHop engine and porting PHP projects to HipHop will help you scale without the need of extensive re-training of your developers.

On top of being a Consultancy Company doing HipHop work, we also do Research into the HipHop engine and enhance it with our deep and direct knowledge of Intel’s TBB (Threading Building Blocks).

Contact us. Or hear directly about our work at Linux Conference Australia 2011. We will present “Integration of Intel’s TBB into Facebook’s HipHop” on Friday 28 January 2011 in LCA2011 in Brisbane, Australia.