Pavlo Baron – Lead Data Technologist & Scientist, codecentric AG – Germany

Pavlo Baron

Presentation at Multicore World 2015

The hidden costs of the Parallel World

Pavlo Baron, Lead Technologist – codecentric AG


There is no doubt that the future of computing is parallel. But while experts are clear about that, there is a huge part of the industry left more or less far behind. Unfortunately, “parallel” can easily turn into a hype, with statements, frameworks and languages being ”sold” as simple, and thus catching a naive one with hidden costs they couldn’t see beforehand. In this talk, I would like to discuss these hidden costs, and how they could be addressed by experts in the area to force parallel revolution while taking everybody else on board.



Pavlo’s current focus are immediate analytics on never ending streams of data. He’s in the industry for over 20 years now, having worked on different topics. Pavlo also has written multiple german IT-books, for example one on Erlang/OTP, and spoken at numerous conferences in the past.


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