Kent Winchell CTO Office, Cray Inc. – USA

Kent Winchell

Presentation at III Multicore World

Scaling HPC applications in a core rich environmentSponsored by Cray, Inc.

Kent Winchell – Cray, Inc.


Core rich environments provide immediate help for scale out applications but not for scale up applications.  Many applications have time to solution requirements that depend on certain computational performance levels.  A case study of the computation intensity of Numerical Weather Prediction with respect to Xeon PHI and GPGPUs will be presented.



Kent has over 25 years of experience in high performance computing and I/T architecture with strong emphasis on scientific use of computers, high performance storage systems, data analytics, project management, large software projects, customer support, and multi-disciplinary problem solving.


B. Sc., Computer science, University of Wyoming, 1981.

MS Software Engineering, University of Houston, 1985.

Work Experience and Accomplishments:

June 1981 – Oct 2013 – IBM

Nov 2013 – present – Cray

  • Deep Computing Sales CTO, Distinguished Engineer
  • Manager of World Wide sales team, technical sales leader for High Performance computing responsible for Petro, CAE, Digital Media, Financial Services, Climate/Weather
  • Architect for IBM onDemand HPC services (SaaS)
  • Chief Architect, IBM Life Sciences, Analytics for Health Care
  • Project manager for GPFS and Lustre installations at numerous HPC sites
  • Architect for US, Canada, and European weather centers
  • Architected complete solution for New Polar Orbiting Earth Satellite System (NPOESS)
  • Designed and implemented bioinformatics clusters for mass spectrometry at several universities
  • Performed optimization and benchmarking of scientific applications software for customers
  • Lead HW/SW architect for DINPACS Medical Imaging systems