Inline with increase use and commercial interest in high-performance computing,  Open Parallel is embracing an opportunity to build a platform for HPC Cloud Computing.  To make the ‘develop, test, deploy and manage’ loop in this environment simpler.

OpenStack in combination with common libraries, development tools, OpenStack extensions for Accelerators and supporting platform services unique to High Performance Computing are identified by Open Parallel as the first components of TOPS; an acronym for “The Open Parallel Stack“, a play on ‘OpenStack for parallel computing’.  TOPS is a Open Source High-Performance-Computing cluster management platform based on OpenStack -with exascale computing and the SKA project in mind.

If you wish to hear more about TOPS and its design and development, please contact us or meet us. We are speaking or participating at:

  • Canterbury Software Summit – Christchurch, New Zealand – 1st October 2015 – Presentation: “The SKA project: a revolution in Software and Computing”.
  • Asia Pacific Regional Workshop in H1 Science – SKA in Seoul – 2nd – 4th November, Seoul, Korea. Speaker.