Why attend Multicore World in the words of previous speakers…

“Multicore is a hugely disruptive technology – New Zealand has an opportunity to ride its wave”. (1)

“New Zealand could be a hub of expertise for parallel computing”.(2)

To foster a global ecosystem, Multicore World assembles “a top-notch group of speakers from around the world…(with) plenty of time for (them) and attendees to interact on a much lengthier and informal basis than one finds at a typical conference”.(3)

This set-up encourages “frank and open discussions. If this happened at SC then the press would be involved and would cause a big revolt in corporate HQ”.(4)

Being hosted in New Zealand “(with an) surprisingly international feel and active technical community”(5), Multicore World is a destination conference and “the only technology conference that I know with an economic development agenda”.(6)

Your distinguished presence is also a contribution that will facilitate Open Parallel’s self-funded participation in the SKA project. We are grateful for that and invite you to become an integral part of Multicore World’s community and help us to make it again a “great conference, as always!”. (7)



  1. Ian Foster, Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago and an Argonne Distinguished Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory – USA (Keynote 2013 & 2015).
  2. James Reinders, Director and Chief Software Evangelist, Intel – USA (Keynote 2010 & 2012)
  3. Stephan Friedl – Distinguished Engineer Cisco – USA (Speaker 2012)
  4. Tim Mattson, Principal Engineer, Intel – USA (Keynote 2012 & 2013)
  5. John Goodacre, Director Processor Division, ARM – United Kingdom (Keynote 2012)
  6. Tim Mattson
  7. Paul McKenney, Linux CTO, IBM – USA (Attendee 2010, Keynote 2011 & 2013)