A perspective of advanced ICT developments in New Zealand

Open, flexible and capable national broadband is a prime enabler for economic development. This is what is being delivered under the Government sponsored UltraFast Broadband (UFB) initiative to more than 33 urban centres distributed throughout New Zealand. The UFB is complemented by the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) for rural New Zealand. The separation of wholesale open access services from the retail products delivered to customers, using fibre optic cable to the end user, ensures the open nature and quality of performance of the services delivered to all New Zealanders. However, the provision of “no limits” broadband connectivity is only the start of the economic development story. The use of this UFB/RBI capability for the delivery of great enhancements to the way enterprises deliver their services to their customers is the critical next step in the journey. An example of what can be done to deliver economic and social value through advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is demonstrated by that which is emerging within the health system in New Zealand. Modern healthcare delivery is an information intensive enterprise, which needs to leverage off high performance connectivity together with intense information aggregation and integration and massive analytical capability. Some examples of what is emerging within the health system in New Zealand will provide a glimpse of what the ICT future can bring to the development of New Zealand.

Dr. Murray Milner

Managing Director of Milner Consulting Limited.

  • Director, Enable networks Limited,
  • Chair, National Health IT Board,
  • Director, Harmonic Analytics Limited,
  • Immediate Past Chair IEEE NZ Central Section,
  • Former CTO, Telecom New Zealand Limited.



Dr Milner has spent over 40 years in the ICT industry. He is widely recognised within his profession for his leadership in ICT development in New Zealand, including being presented with the Chairman’s award by the Telecommunications User Association of NZ (TUANZ) in 2005. He has been awarded Fellowships to work and study in both the UK and USA during his career. He is a Fellow of IPENZ, an active member of IET and IEEE and is on the editorial panel for the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy.

After spending much of his career with Telecom New Zealand, Dr Milner now runs a busy consulting practice in New Zealand and works extensively with central government, local government and enterprises on ICT strategy, economics and infrastructure development. He is currently Chair of the National Health IT Board and a member of the National Health Board and through these positions is keen to help achieve substantial improvements in ICT capability to the benefit of health care within New Zealand. He is also working with emergency services within New Zealand to help improve their ability to successfully use advanced ICT, even under severely adverse conditions.