Dr. Irina Neaga

Lecturer in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Plymouth Graduate School of Management & Plymouth Business School, Plymouth University, UK.


Presentation at Multicore World 2015

An Analysis of the Cloud Based Big Data Mining Applications

The big data explosion has energized the data mining, knowledge discovery in data bases, OLAP and associated knowledge based software development communities. This also has introduced complex, interesting questions for researchers and practitioners. As organizations continue to increase the amount and values of data formalizing the process of big data analysis and analytics becomes overwhelming. The presentation will describe the opportunities and challenges provided by cloud computing paradigm to enable the development of big data mining applications, analytics and business intelligence.

This will include the discussion of the data as a service, information and knowledge as a service as well as Hadoop as a service.

The main contribution of this research is the theoretical definition and framework of the possibilities of using the cloud computing model for the development and deployment of business intelligence applications based on big data mining and analytics. The presentation will discuss some existing approaches and holistically analyse the main issues of big data mining, knowledge, patterns discovery and OLAP in a data intensive cloud computing environment.

This related research will be providing insights of big data driven business modelling approaches as well as an outline of the application in logistics and supply chain management. It will also include the main aspects of the European strategy on mastering big data driven applications particularly related to collaborative logistics and manufacturing.

Bio and publications

Dr. Neaga is a Lecturer in Logistics teaching supply chains and logistics systems simulation, and Programme Leader for MBA top up. Irina is undertaking research on information, and knowledge management strategies and big data analytics applied in collaborative logistics, decisions and operations.

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Irina Neaga

Dr. Neaga is a recipient of funding (partial) for the Big Data Mission in New Zealand provided by the UK High Commission and Department of Business, Innovation and Skills directed to new partnerships and collaborations.