New Zealand’s Contributions to SKA Exascale Computing

One year into the SKA design New Zealand academics and industry have already made some major contributions toward one of the largest computer systems ever envisaged, particularly for its Central Signal Processor (CSP) and Science Data Processor (SDP). This talk will discuss some of the work undertaken so far, strategies for handling the biggest big data problem ever faced with previously unimaginable power constraints, and prospects for involvement in the construction of the resulting super-green Exascale computer system.


Talk for workshop HPC in the Cloud:

HPC Spinoffs from the SKA

Involvement in the design of the SKA computer system is resulting in some unique spinoffs and insights, from new ASIC chips and the growing presence of FPGAs in data centres, to novel data compression techniques, adaptive middleware, and the emergence of processors more commonly found in mobile devices for HPC. This talk will discuss some of the ICT spinoffs that are emerging from the large New Zealand involvement in the SKA computer system design.


Dr. Andrew Ensor

Andrew Ensor is a Research Path Senior Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Dr. Ensor is Director of the New Zealand SKA Alliance, a group of New Zealand academic and industry experts contributing to design the SKA Exascale computer system. Dr. Ensor leads the team designing the Survey Correlator, the Central Signal Processor prototyping, and contribute toward Pulsar Search and Imaging Pipeline algorithms in the SKA.

Andrew Ensor - AUT, New Zealand

Andrew Ensor – AUT, New Zealand

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