Keynote at Multicore World 2015:

Supercomputing in the Cloud

The era of monolithic custom built supercomputers are drawing to a close giving rise to a new era of ubiquitous cloud based supercomputing.  Although the transition to cloud based supercomputing may be inevitable the path is anything but clear as the benefits of abundant low-cost commoditized computing infrastructure also gives rise to a new set of big-data and HPC challenges.  Alex St. John, an early pioneer in GPU based computing and streaming media technology will present how new software techniques may address power, bandwidth, software development and compute density challenges that can’t be addressed by new innovative hardware approaches alone.  Although the hardware will certainly evolve, the tools, platforms and approaches to large scale software development will also have to be revolutionized to take advantage of the dramatic changes taking place in the world of HPC.

“The secret to flying in the cloud will be compressing the air correctly.” -The Saint

“The secret to flying in the cloud will be compressing the air correctly.”
-The Saint


Presentation at Multicore World 2015

“The Mobile Data Centre”

A new generation of inexpensive,  powerful, low-power, mobile chips are entering the market that may fundamentally disrupt the modern datacenter.  What are next generation micro-severs capable of and how will they change the landscape of HPC?  Nyriad CTO and Direct3D co-creator Alex St. John will talk about the changes and opportunities for HPC that arise from the application of mobile processors to big-data.

Keynote at Multicore World 2014 (including technical links)



Alex St. John and the NVIDIA Tesla K40 awarded to the best presentation