Conference take aways:

Why would you directly benefit from Multicore World 2015?

Multicore is unstoppable: the economics are driving it. Multicore and Parallel Computing are here to stay and we should be grateful for that. Computation is better, faster, cheaper and much more power efficient than in the single core days: the potential is practically unlimited in every industry and application

However we need to build software to exploit the huge opportunities that these new architectures offer. Every year at Multicore World we show you that it is not that difficult, simply different. At Multicore World 2015 we will present you today what you can start using today and you will benefit directly from what you will learn from the speakers and networking with your colleagues.


Multicore World is a destination conference, we discuss topics at peer-peer level from how multicore is changing everything and allows us to think on applications and developments that were not possible before in a single core world, to the path to exascale computing, being Big Data and the Square Kilometer Array radio telescope project exciting examples of how to deal with a deluge of information.



Multicore World is a retreat for technical influencers who are individually invited through our personal networks. Multicore World 2015 gives you the opportunity to be in touch with the best crowd worldwide, precisely when they need to reflect what to do next. Multicore World tells them the new trends, software and hardware wise, in a boutique style conference with limited attendance.


Multicore World is a decision-takers conference, where CTOs, CIOs, Senior Managers and Technical Directors interact with global community leaders, recognised scientists and researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners. They all show up to take their yearly dose of inspiration from Multicore World, we have some of the most influential people in the audience: discuss with them directly in a one to one conversation.
 Check the speakers list and you will see that this is not your average conference.


What you will get out by attending Multicore World 2015?

  • Achieve inspiration to initiate or continue your roadmap to migrate to multicore technology.
  • See concrete examples of what is being done.
  • Find out what to do with your legacy code and hardware.
  • Know who to join forces with and where to find further assistance.


Create networks for your business and professional development for you and your colleagues. Be part of the fourth edition of Multicore World, and directly discuss state of the art problems with the best of the field.

Multicore World has been conceived with plenty of breakout time to network and keep learning after the talks in an event with limited attendance that you simply cannot miss. We look forward to see you in Wellington, New Zealand, 17th – 18th February 2015, and do join us for the collocated workshop “HPC in the Cloud: the SKA example”, 19th – 20th February.