Is Big Data too big for Your Enterprise to handle?

Big Data is driving companies to fully adopt the Cloud -faster than predicted. Besides all the fuss, do you really have what is needed to make Big Data and the Cloud work for your enterprise? Can Big Data make the world a better place?

Pavlo BaronIan FosterIrina NeagaDon Christie


Are we finished Optimising Applications?

For how long can (or should) you improve the performance of your application? Linus Torvalds recently posted that “Scaling isn’t going to continue forever, and people want mobility, so the crazies talking about scaling to hundreds of cores are just that – crazy”. Is your application ready to take continuous advantage of performance, optimisation and scalability improvements?

Alex St. JohnMurray MilnerManuel UjaldonMark Moir


Is Exascale Computing the Panacea we’ve all been waiting for?

The exascale revolution is coming -what can possibly go wrong? Examples like the computing demands for the SKA project are driving the push towards exascale computing but, why would this matter to you and the present and foreseeable future of your business?

Thomas SterlingAlex St. JohnDuncan HallAndrew Ensor


Beyond astronomy: the broad benefits from the SKA

The influence of the SKA extends far beyond just that of astronomy. The project has the potential to provide long-standing human capital development benefits for the local communities where the SKA will be located, as well as in partner nations involved in SKA design and construction elements.

  • Dr. Kjesten Wiig, National Manager Commercialisation for Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), New Zealand.
  • Duncan Hall, former Software and Computing Domain Specialist of the SKA Program Development Office -UK (2009-2012), New Zealand.

Moderator: Don Christie.


Can computers find what we’re looking for?

Does more computing power drive better Astronomy?  Or is just the never ending curiosity of scientists pushing the computing boundaries? Can we assume a similar situation in other fields?

How can the private sector best help projects like the SKA and others, instead of only aiming to win contracts to develop them? Can Intellectual Property and Scientific Progress co-exist?

Victor PankratiusNatasha Hurley-WalkerWillem van StratenDuncan Hall


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