Gernot Heiser – Scientia Professor and John Lions Chair at University of New South Wales; Leader of SSRG, the Software Systems Research Group at NICTA (National ICT Australia)

 Gernot Heiser

Keynote at Multicore World 2014

The Revolution is On – Dependable Software is Becoming Affordable


It’s been a truism for far too long: software is buggy and unreliable, and where reliability matters, people go to extraordinary expense to a achieve it.


This is changing. A few years ago we completed the correctness proof of a complete operating-system kernel, seL4, and we have now extended this to a complete proof chain from high-level security and safety requirements to the binary running on the hardware. An analysis of the cost reveals that it is well below that of traditionally-engineered “high-assurance” software, and not too far off that of industry-standard low-assurance software.


This talk will give an overview of NICTA’s software system verification activities, and our plans for making verified software cost-competitive with traditionally unreliable code.



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NICTA page– “Gernot’s main research interests are in operating systems, especially microkernel-based systems, and their use in embedded systems, OS security and robustness issues, energy/power management, real-time systems and virtualization. Other interests include computer architecture, especially architectural support for operating systems.” 

University of New South Wales

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