1. Strong value from International Keynote Speakers – A unique combination for a unique program  
  2. There is no isolated expertise end-end in IT – You need to be exposed to new trends  
  3. New Zealand and Australasia is the hub of a new industry trend – Entrepreneurship based in multicore technologies.  
  4. Demand for serious engineering talent is up all over the world – You can learn from the best, and join them.  
  5. Multicore connects with business and enterprise value – Do Apps perform in business outcomes?  
  6. We are witnessing a revolution in ICT – Crossing the chasm step by step, New Zealand leads this cross-functional conference about multicore technologies  
  7. Disappointed with existent solutions? Losing money? – Discuss your options in an open environment at peer-peer level  
  8. Develop trust and understanding of capabilities – Imagination and knowledge, together  
  9. Multicore enables multiple technologies – Acceleration of quantum leaps  
  10. Current trend: structured information is shifting towards unstructured data – Big Data and the Cloud @ Multicore World  
  11. Those who embrace multicore offer future-proof solutions – Be ahead of the pack  
  12. Can ICT / multicore improve my share price? – Does your vendor offer that?  
  13. Multicore World is a think-tank, a technical retreat – As a destination conference, audience look forward to peer-peer discussions and networking  
  14. Conversations as valuable as the sessions – Multicore World has limited audience, and plenty of time between sessions as well as Q&A time. Everyone participates.  
  15. If you have key accounts, invite them to Multicore World – You have a new asset to offer when presenting the new value that multicore offers  
  16. How is multicore being leveraged today? How affects the average user? – And developers? What skills need to be developing?  
  17. Do you know who are identifiable influencers in the multicore environment? – And where are they going and why?  
  18. Multicore World is not a “talk fest” – Are you a little bit behind the curve? – Be proactive, not passive: Multicore World is not a “nice to go” but the only place to meet face to face with industry visionaries.  
  19. To improve performance you need to slow things down – Does not makes sense? Without the right knowledge you go wrong and need to do it again.  
  20. You’ll be hit by something that you don’t know nothing about – Don’t you feel riding a slow horse that will die one day – soon? What would you do then?