How to Grow the Economy by 10% per Year

Professor Ian Foster – Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago & Argonne Distinguished Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory. USA


Massive Parallel Processing in the Varnish Software

Poul-Henning Kamp – Chief Architect, Varnish Software & Author (of a lot of) FreeBSD. Denmark


Bare-Metal Multicore Performance in a General-Purpose OS

Paul McKenney – IBM Distinguished Engineer & Linux CTO, IBM Academy of Technology. USA


The (Massive) Opportunities of a Multicore World

Professor Barbara Chapman – OpenMP Architecture Review Board & University of Houston. USA


The Revolution in Your Pocket: Invisible Computers with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Tim Mattson – Intel Principal Engineer, Khronos OpenCL Group. USA


Transactional memory hardware, algorithms, and C++ language features

Mark Moir – Oracle, Consulting Member of Technical Staff. USA – New Zealand


Full program with abstracts is here or through


Conference Summary in three slides shows our background, including Vint Cerf’s keynote in 2011