14:10 – 15:10 – Industry Presentations 


“SSD for Performance, NL-SAS for Capacity and Collaboration”

Daniel Richards, SE, DDN

“Hear how DDN is combining SSD and NL-SAS to provide unparalleled scalability and  performance with tremendous cost savings, and how DDN’s Object Storage Platorm, Web Object Storage (WOS) can and will deliver national and International data collaboration opportunities.”

Daniel Richards is a Senior Systems Engineer for Data Direct Networks Inc (DDN).

DDN are a leading supplier of High Performance, High Capacity  Storage Solutions for applications such as HPC, Genomics, CDN, and Media. DDN supply storage to 60% of the top 100 systems in the Top500 list.

Daniel has been working in the IT industry for 25 years, for the last 5 years as a HPC Architect/SE across  Australia and New Zealand.


“SGI contributions to SKA to date, Big Data solutions and future HPC challenges.”

David Honey – Solution Architect, SGI

SGI helps organisations find answers to the world’s biggest challenges.  Our commitment to innovation is unwavering and is tightly focused on Technical Computing, Big Data Analytics, and Petascale Storage.”

David Honey is a Solutions Architect who has designed some of the largest storage systems used by researchers in ANZ.


“Virtualising HPC Applications using VMware Technology”

 Adrian Pead – Enterprise SE, VMware

“Virtualisation is a pervasive technology that provides an abstraction layer to the underlying hardware.VMware are committed to ensuring that their technology provides the greatest near native or even above native capacity possible, this presentation will show some of the “work in progress” VMware are doing in this space.”