Computing for SKA is a workshop collocated with Multicore World 2014

Will be 27th / 28th February 2014 at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and is jointly organised by Open Parallel and AUT’s Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research (IRASR) with the formal sponsorship of SKA Organisation (UK)



With this speakers line-up, Multicore World 2014 and Computing for SKA will be an event to remember, so register now

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PROGRAM – Computing for SKA 2014 – here

Sessions (Draft – December 2013)

Thursday 27th February 2014

On day one, SKA experts will describe the computing challenges that are facing system-wide when designing the biggest radio-telescope in the world

  • Opening
  • Overview of SKA computing challenges
  • Correlators / beamformers, introduction to the challenges. Standard approaches, current strategies (low/mid/survey)
  • Pulsar Search, introduction to the challenge. Standard approaches, current strategies and options
  • Imaging Pipeline, introduction to the challenge. Storage / processing, algorithms, current strategies.

Friday 28th February 2014

On day two, industry participants will be presenting their offering to address SKA expectations

  • Industry perspectives: how can SKA challenges be addressed with current technologies
  • We will aim to broken down as hardware/middleware/software
  • Potential industry technological solutions in the near future, including tech roadmaps that might be relevant
  • Discussions about when these roadmaps can effectively intersect with SKA design and development

Both days will include broad discussion time and close with panels where participants will openly discuss these challenges


Speakers – Computing for SKA workshop

  • Tim Cornwell – SKA Architect & Head of Computing, SKA Organisation – UK
  • Brent Carlson– CSP Chief Engineer, National Research Council; Canada
  • John Gustafson – HPC authority, author of Gustafson’s law, inaugural Gordon Bell Award winner; USA
  • Prof Andreas Wicenec– ICRAR, University of Western Australia
  • Kent Winchell – Office of the CTO, Cray – USA
  • Alex St. John – CUDA authority – USA / New Zealand
  • Prof Nikola Kasabov – Director KEDRI, AUT University; New Zealand
  • Melanie Johnston-Hollitt – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Prof John Bancroft – Head of Project Development – Asia Pacific, STFC; UK
  • John Humphreys, Chair, Australasian SKA & Big Data Consortium; Australia
  • Ewan Barr – Swinburne University of Technology; Australia
  • Prof Serguei GulyaevDirector – IRASR, AUT University; New Zealand
  • Andrew Ensor Director of NZ SKA Alliance, Research Senior Lecturer, AUT University; New Zealand
  • Tim Natusch – IRASR, AUT University; New Zealand
  • Jasper HorrellGeneral Manager, Science Computing & Innovation, SKA; South Africa


Nicolás Erdödy, Conference Organiser,

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