Multicore World 2014 will be at the brand new Sir Paul Reeves Building of Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Located in the CBD, the conference venue is at walking distance of the best hotels in Auckland. We compiled a list of 15+ hotels, located between 2 and 15 minutes walking distance from the venue.

Hotels Multicore World 2014 1.2 (updated 30.12.13)

Conference delegates and speakers are advised to do their own bookings. Multicore World’s organisation does not endorse nor recommend any particular hotel.

Usually the best deal is by paying the hotel in advance through their own website -they are all listed in the spreadsheet. We are looking at deals for group bookings -will be listing them at the spreadsheet.


Auckland is one of the “best 10 cities in the world to live in“, still you can experience some traffic jams when taking a cab from the airport. If you want a real deal, then book “Cheap Cabs” You’ll pay in cash but will be probably 50% less than a normal cab. Cars aren’t flashy but in my experience the driver is kind and very happy to take you to your destination. You’ll travel between 20′ and 45′ depending on your arrival time. If you wish to experience a little bit of backpacker’s life, then take the bus -will probably leave you at 1-2 blocks of any of the listed hotels…