Open Parallel is associated to the best talent in the world of IT and high-tech. Our associates are leaders in their specialisation and set the trend of the technology. They gather yearly at Multicore World, our global conference about all things multicore. Multicore World is a think-tank, a technical retreat where we discuss the new trends and how they will impact new venture creation and business in general.

At Open Parallel it’s natural to be exposed to the hottest technologies and the best entrepreneurs and that’s why investors attend the conference and join us.

Check the presentation “Investing in Multicore” at Multicore World 2012 from Phil McCaw, managing partner of venture capital firm Movac and former Chairman of the New Zealand Angel Investors Association.

Through our parent company Erdody Consultancy we are members of the Angel Association of New Zealand and have a global network of associated investors.

We welcome expressions of interest from investors interested in specific opportunities as well as from large fund managers looking to invest in a specialised area with global reach: Open Parallel Fund will be launched soon, focused exclusively in multicore technologies and their applications. Contact us in the US or in New Zealand.


Who else thinks that investing in Multicore and Parallelism is a good idea?