Open Parallel is an organization with your values: you do not “work here”, you belong and share our long term vision

Contact us to discuss how can we work together and how your contribution will be adjusted to your circumstances.

We welcome expressions of interest in general, particularly from

  • Senior Project Managers and Project Directors
  • Experienced Engineers and Developers
  • Junior Developers and Programmers specialised in specific languages
  • Associates

If you are looking for a job description, probably this is not where you will continue your career…

We are not limited by regions, but our ideal candidates have a connection with New Zealand or Australia: They either live here, or are expats, or are on their OE or even better: plan to live Down Under in the future (If you never heard about what’s an OE or where’s Down Under, do your homework 😉

Do join us, we have many exciting projects in development with different scope and requirements plus more to come soon (2017-18)

We also welcome your project  -perhaps we can incubate it and present it to our network of investors.

Contact Open Parallel now, so we can talk and learn more about you: do not wait till we start recruiting…